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I Am Not a Serial Killer!

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Is it 2010 back again? Because, I'm actually enjoying blogging. Just typing words here and letting it out in the void of internet. Well it's not my words today. Let me introduce the first guest blogger here. His name is, Michaël Wertenberg.

Michaël is a French-American comedian and author—notably of The Orthography of Madness and Misgivings. He toured South America as a supporting musician, has performed sold-out one-man shows and in comedy showcases in Budapest, and now has his sights set on Warsaw. His act offers a unique blend of stand-up, variety theatre, and music, which witnesses have qualified as ‘adventurous’.

Michaël Wertenberg likes his comedy like he likes his coffee: dark and weird.


I Am Not a Serial Killer!

Sure, I may do stand-up comedy, which, like being a serial killer, requires a certain level of narcissism and, like being a serial killer, stand-up is often inspired by sexual frustration. But the similarities end there!

Suspicious of my constant moving from one country to the next--Poland is the sixth country I’ve called home in the last 5 years--my ‘friends’ recently suggested that perhaps I move around so much because I’m trying to stay ahead of the authorities and trying to distance myself from the bodies I leave in my wake. Naturally, I’m touched; it’s sweet of them to offer such a kind and flattering sentiment. But they are mistaken. A serial killer is a twisted, disturbed, deviant, highly-organized and methodical. Those who know me well will assure you: I am far from highly organized.

I am not a serial killer. Although, I do take the bus to work everyday, and with all those selfish people who talk on their phones on a crowded bus or who sit on the aisle seat, making it difficult for anyone to access the empty window seat, I cannot possibly predict how long that claim will be valid. But as long as it is, I will continue to honestly, though somewhat reluctantly, proclaim: I am not a serial killer.

I do feel, however, in order to alleviate any lingering doubts, to clarify any conspiring misconceptions, that I should properly introduce myself. And I intend to do just that. I will bare all (metaphorically speaking), open up and share the musings of my mind, tell the tales of my travels that have led me here to Poland’s capital (where I have, to date, killed no one).

Wednesday, 5 June at Klub Chodna 25, I will be performing a solo stand-up show: Stand-Up Warsaw. The whole city is invited. I plan on killing, but only in the metaphoric ‘the comedian had a good set’ kind of way.

Come for the show, stay for the after-party.

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