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English Stand-Up guide in Warsaw.

Updated: May 30, 2019

Stand-up comedy is a widely known and popular form of comedy. All the big cosmopolitan cities have a pre-existing comedy club culture or a fast developing scene.

And Warsaw is no exception either. I hope or at least expect for you to know that I'm a stand up comic. It's obvious, the website is called Standupravi ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Some say I'm good at this and to them I say - you're god damn right. I say it every night before bed, helps me sleep better.

So for this entry let's see what's going on in our town from an insider's point of view.

ESUP has been active in Warsaw for more than 2 years now. Even the Szumowski brothers who started it are not sure when they should celebrate its anniversary. Few other comics including me joined the group later and currently we are running 4 regular shows in Warsaw.Ticket links are available on my website /shows.

English Stand-up open mic at resort is the longest running English open mic in Warsaw and has built quite an impressive following. During the winter months the room is always full. If you want to perform then my advise will be booking a spot as soon as the event is posted on the Facebook page. Usually there are 8-10 performers and the host is from ESUP group. Occasionally the headliner from 'Pete Presents' can host as well.

It's on last Tuesday of every month.

Pete Presents is a headliner showcase created by Piotr Szumowski, hosted by him at Poziomy Klub. He invites headlining comedians from all over the world. Over the last few years we had Will Mars, Al lubel, George Zach and some other frequent names from Edinburgh Fringe festival. First half of the show has local acts. You might actually catch me there often performing a new set. Ticket link is available on my website /shows.

It's on last Thursday of every month.

Stories and Stand-up is my show and guess who is the host? ITSA MEEE╰(*°▽°*)╯ waddup !!

Alright! jokes aside, this show is about true stories told by stand-up comics on a common theme for the evening. I invite some of my favorite comics in and outside of Warsaw for this. Previously we had topics like fear and high school. Leave a comment if you have a suggestion for the theme of next show.

It's on second or third Saturday of every month.

Laughs at LOKO is my favorite open mic in Warsaw. It's the perfect example of how if given enough time, a show can develop its own identity and following. Show was started by Christine Skobe and now run by Andy Sosnowski. I personally believe that for about a year that Christine was with ESUP she provided us with that extra kick to get our acts together and start doing more shows. Remember how I always say that I went to Berlin for a week and did shows every night, Christine did it first. If ESUP is The Justice League then Christine is the Wonder Woman.

Loko is a small room and our only free show, but after the show you can put donations in a box that magically changes shape every time. After Christine went back to Canada Andy stepped in and overtime made it his own show. I love the crowd there, it's small but a very open and funny crowd. I know when I've something new I'm trying it there first. The vibe of the show is relaxed and laid back, and now Andy is without a doubt best Open mic host in Warsaw.

It's on every Sunday. Occasionally hosted by Me or Filip van der Brym.

Apart from these regular shows, ESUP very frequently gets visitors from all over Europe and UK, and if you follow the Facebook events page you can catch some one time only shows. I'll try to add them to my website as well.


Outside of ESUP, Stand-up No Limits is also doing shows in English now, they have a lot of Polish shows going on but at the moment they have one English open mic called

Stand-up No Limits: English open mic and the host without a doubt is my favorite. It's Andy Sosnowski.

I like this venue for its quality. Local na Mokotowie is very good venue. Probably one of the best sound system and stage you can find for an open mic. The crowd is different from ESUP crowd but that's what we comics want, new crowd. So that we can repeat old jokes. 😁

Well I spent my whole day off on this blog entry. So if you made it till the end, you're a great human being ☜(゚ヮ゚☜).

Don't mind my grammar mistakes and check @Englishstanduppoland and @ravi90kr on Facebook and Instagram for show related updates. And I'll see you in the next one. Sign up for newsletter on new posts on my /about page.

Be good and remember, water is wet.

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