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Who am I? Well


I see you're one of those rare ones who actually visit the About page. Well, first of all, thanks for visiting my site. What can I say, wix made it so easy that I decided to make my own.

I know what you're thinking, 'he probably took some freelancer's job'. Well, news flash - Indians have been stealing jobs for a long time. We even fought in the world wars. Yah, so next time when you see someone angry about jobs going to India just remember that outsourcing trend is quite old.

By now you know that I'm Indian, My family moved around because of my dad's work but I consider Delhi and Patna as my two homes in India. Does that mean you can ask me for recommendations in Delhi? No ! I fell for this trick once and ended up giving yoga lessons in a student dorm. 

In 2012 I wanted to enrich my unrealistic expectations and goals for my life, so I decided to do my masters in Europe. And I was showing the early signs of a behavioural disorder called millennial expats, you know that thing where you go abroad to make new drinking friends and have brunch while you hastily tell what your professor said this Wednesday about the growing distrust in corporations for young people based on the increase in BurgerKing coffee sales. And then someone changes the topic to their tinder date from last time. Ah! the liberal bliss. 


So not necessarily because of my love for Poland, rather for the reason being that Warsaw School of Economics was the best option available in my budget, I decided to come to Poland. Little did I know that I will make some very dear friends in Warsaw and stay for 6 years.

During my first year of studies here I co-founded Improv.Pl, which still is the longest running English Improv group in Poland. After a few years of improv, I started getting more involved in English Stand-up Poland open mics and luckily enough managed to tour and headline in Berlin, Amsterdam, Krakow and New Delhi.

It's a great pleasure and sense of achievement to see the English comedy scene in Warsaw growing so fast, from having one open mic a month to now at least one every week and now foreign artists coming here every month is a clear indication of Warsaw being a centre of English comedy in future. A huge shout out to English Stand-up Poland.

I'm here to play my part. I'll update this site with regular contents about Warsaw - a city that I fell in love with and my stand-up journey. Come along. 


Me from India, love Warsaw. Check my site for my stand-up and Warsaw related content.


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